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China's first Disneyland is located in Shanghai 中国大陆第一座迪斯尼乐园坐落于上海

我非常诚恳的邀请你来参观上海迪斯尼乐园 I am very sincere to invite you to visit the Shanghai Disneyland

Would you like me to take you to the Disneyland?

上周日我们在上海迪士尼乐园玩的很开心。 可翻译为:Last Sunday, we had a wonderful time in Shanghai Disneyland. 相关短语:have a wonderful time,玩得很开心。


你好,为你解答,正确答案为: Would you like me to take you to the Disneyland? 不明白请及时追问,满意敬请采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢

A Brief History of Disneyland Disneyland has seen 50 summers pass in procession since its gates first opened July 17, 1955. Forty-five summers of parades and fireworks, of Mickey and Minnie, of playing host to people from all o...

Disney park is in the east of Shanghai. It can be reached by subway. 迪士尼乐园在上海东部,乘地铁可以到达

disney land

Shanghai Disneyland is the world's first of several Disney theme park? 第六个


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