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what is meant by 何谓...、意味着...、...的意义是... 双语例句 1. Let me explain what is meant by determination by repeating a statement made by Rotary International during the Executive Board meeting in January. 让我重复国际扶轮...

What is meant by the "two-party system" in the UK today?How effective is such a system? 是什么意思“两党制”今天在英国吗?这样一个系统是如何起作用的?

what's meant by "thinking positively"? “积极思考”是什么意思?

westernization [,westənai'zeiʃən, -ni'z-] n. assimilation of Western culture; the social process of becoming familiar with or converting to the customs and practices of Western civilization 为你解答,如有帮助请...

what is meant by forbearance?:什么是宽容? forbearance 忍耐,克制,宽容 例如: All the Greenpeace people behaved with impressive forbearance and dignity.所有绿色和平组织人士表现出了超乎寻常的克制和大度。 He cast aside his Chri...

a chemical addition reaction where a hydroxyl group and proton are added to a compound

mean[mi:n, min]的过去式及过去分词是meant [ment],它们读音不一样。 mean除了是动词之外,还可以是形容词和名词,还要注意下means这个词及这个词的词组。我想,你可以去查下字典的。字典多查下,会记住的。

小题1:C小题2:C小题3:D小题4:B小题5:A 略

封装的原则是 把数据隐藏起来,用方法来管理数据。 a.说的是封装代码, b.说的是类的组成 c.说的是类的单一职责 d.代码和数据紧密依存 e.说的是所有数据都是私有的。 数据并非一定全部私有,像类的标志TAG,可以public。

最后那个单词“by”是多余的,直接去掉即可。改为:what does it mean?这是什么意思?


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